EMSIS - Emergency Medical Services Information System
Alabama ePCR
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The dataset and related information for submission of incident data to Alabama ePCR represents the best information available and is subject to change. If you would like to be informed when any updates are made, please e-mail dean.taylor@graycosystems.com and place "AL Mailing List" in the subject line.

Title Revision Release Date Description
Incident and Demographic Dataset 1.1 10/04/2007 The minimum demographic and incident dataset required submitting to the ALePCR system.
Facility List - EXCEL 1.0 01/28/2010 The combined list of hospitals and other destinations for the ALePCR system.
Medications List - CSV | PDF 1.5 07/24/2014 The current list of valid medications for the ALePCR system.
Procedures List - CSV | PDF 1.4 07/24/2014 The current list of valid procedures for the ALePCR system.
Protocols List - CSV | PDF 1.5 07/24/2014 The current list of valid protocols for the ALePCR system.
Validations 1.6 01/02/2008 The current list of rules used to validate PCR information submitted to the APDH ALePCR system.
Validation and Compliance Rules 1.2 03/19/2009 The current process for Providers using third-party software to be declared Compliant by OEMST.